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Student Recital at Steinway Gallery

Student Recital at Steinway Gallery

My students are like a second family to me. When we get together to perform or play in a class in my studio, the atmosphere is loving and positive. Each is rooting for the others to do their best, and they all are listening for the growth from one event to the next. We have four high school students, a lawyer, a Ph.D in Piano, a champion skier and tennis player, a couple of piano teachers, a music director, a high school English teacher, an elementary school music teacher, a financial advisor; and for all of them, the piano plays a central role, and nourishes the other work they do.

For me, it will be one of the most creative endeavors of my life, for as long as I can continue to walk to the front door and greet a student. (Eventually, hopefully in many years from now, I may have to move the piano closer to the door!)

I feel blessed to know and work with this bunch of excellent persons, and I feel their love and devotion every week. I think the work is keeping me healthier and happier than I would be otherwise.

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